Resolving complains

Customer Issues & Complaints

In the unlikely event the work or service was not completed to your satisfaction, let us know and we’ll work with you and the member to help ensure any issues are resolved. 

Service Professional Complaints

What happens if a customer complains about the job I've done or I receive a bad feedback?


Before any feedback is published we verify its authenticity and should you receive negative feedback of an overall score lower than 5.5 we will bring this to your attention and notify you before publishing it on the website, to check the veracity of your customers feedback. 

You have the following options:

  • Rectify the complaint and the job, and we will ask the customer to either change or submit a new feedback.
  • If you feel the complaint made against you was unjustified, you have the right to respond to the complaint. Please send us your respones to We will publish your response next to your customers feedback. 
  • Should you not acknowledge within 14 days, the feedback comment will be publish and you lose your right to respond.


If you receive a complaint from a customer, the nature and severity of the issue determines how the complaint is dealt with. Should the complaint be deemed of a serious nature, the consumer will be asked to complete a complaints form, once received by one of our experienced customer services staff they will negotiate and arbitrate on behalf of both you the (Member) and the customer to resolve any outstanding issues. Should the complaint be of a serious issue, your membership may be suspended whilst the investigation is pending. In severe situations where the work is substandard and complaint not resolved, your membership and account will be nullify.