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Trade members FAQ

What is the difference between free & endorsed trade member?

Free Trade Memeber

If you are a sole trader, own or run a business be it limited company, private limited company, limited liability partnership you can join for free and become a free trade member. It doesn't cost a penny and you will be able to advertise and promote you, your business, what you do & what you offer.

Joining as a free trade member you will be able to:

  • Promote & advertise your business or service(s) 
  • Access potentially thousands of local customers daily
  • Build your brand with your free business profile page(s)
  • Market your strengths and stand out from competitors
  • We index your business on all major search engines
  • Link your website to us and boost your website rankings
  • Receive feedback from verify customers, building consumer trust & winning you more work

Remeber it's free you will never pay for:

  • Customer job leads
  • Commission on any quoted or completed job

Endorsed Trade Member

Not just anyone can become an endorsed trade member, we actively seek trade(s) and businesses who have a strong track record of quality, service & workmanship. You can apply to become an endorsed member by contacting us you will need to undertake our assessment on your business and meet our high standards.

Being an endorsed member comes will a huge range of benefits and feature which will significancely

  • Increase the enquires you receive
  • Increase the jobs you quote on
  • Increase the jobs you win
  • Increase your profit
  • Build and protect your reputation

To find out more about what being endorsed member could do for your business please contact us and we will get back to you.

Is Accredited Traders just a form of adverting?

No. Ultimately Accredited Traders is a trade directory we connect consumers looking to hire you the best local tradespeople. The great thing with is there is no risk what so ever we are completely free to use as a free trade member.  

I'm always getting recommendations from previous customers - why should I join?

There are many reason why you should join we will list just a few examples for you:

  1. It's free to join us 
  2. You can promote you and your business to thousands of local consumers searching for trade(s) & businesses just like yours
  3. You don't have to maintain endless references & examples of work as we do the hard work for you
  4. As a free trade membership, customer feedback reports, examples photos of your work, accreditation and qualifications are safely stored and available to view anytime online
  5. Furthermore, all documents are available in a ready to print file to give hardcopies to potential customers.   

I've got plenty of work - why should I join

Here are a few reasons why you should join:

  • Reduced advertising investments
  • Jobs that find you instead of you seeking out work
  • More profitable jobs
  • We can help you stay ahead of your competitors
  • Protect and enhance your reputation
  • More work via word of mouth

Do you charge a fee or a commission on the work I do?

The simple answer to this question is no. Customers can contact you directly by phone, email, text message or request a call back from you. As a free trade member, you can reply to potential customers, provide quotes on any job a customer posts on the site (which is matched to your relevant trade or service in the area you cover).

  • We don't sell job leads, so there is no fee to pay
  • We don't charge any commission on jobs you have quoted for, won or completed

I'm fairly new to my industry - can I still join?

Yes, you can. But should you wish to become an endorsed trade member will need to pass our evaluation procedure, which requires you have a minimum of 6 months experience in your line of work. You will also need to have a strong track record of service quality, workmanship and reliability.  

If you are an experienced trade professional and have worked in your industry for some time, going it alone or starting up a new business, we can certainly get you and your new venture up and running. We provide you with all of the tools & features you need to expand and promote your business and most importantly find new customers.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of the United Kingdom; some areas have higher coverage than others, with some areas only having a medium or light coverage. Our service is growing fast with more traders promote & advertising their businesses & service(s) daily, you could one of the first in your area and be one step in front of your competitors.

How do I become a free trade member - How does it work?

Sign up as a free trade membership today and get your business listed on for FREE! Submit Your Details Here

Before your business profile goes live and appears within the search results we ask that you complete all the marked areas of the "my account" page. It's that simple, but the more information you can provide the better the chance of consumers contacting you.

How does your feedback process work?

Feedback is a very important part of the service. It allows you, as a trade member, to continually grow your business and your reputation. Feedback also encourages potential customers to hire you, plus offers the assurance to the community that you are at the forefront of your industry and trade.  

Your customers can leave feedback for you by filling out and completing the online feedback form.

Encouraging your customers to leave feedback on your work demonstrates your pride and confidence in your abilities. It proves that you are responsible for your work. Customers who leave feedback will score you on 5 key areas. We never published names and addresses of the person leaving feedback and we also don't publish anonymous feedback either to ensure that our members are protected from rogue scores or reviews.

We protect each of our endorsed trade members from unscrupulous consumers and against anti-competitive behaviour; furthermore we have systems in place to verify each and every piece of feedback. Feedback gives consumers faith when hiring you and your feedback will win you more work so it is imperative that our system is reliable and highly monitored.

What happens if a customer complains about the job I've done or I receive a bad feedback?

Before any feedback is published we verify its authenticity and should you receive negative feedback of an overall score lower than 5.5, we will bring this to your attention and notify you before publishing it on the website. This allows you the opportunity to address any concerns before the feedback is authorised.  

You have the following options:

  • Rectify the complaint and the job and we will ask the customer to either change or submit a new feedback.
  • If you feel the complaint made against you was unjustified, you have the right to respond to the complaint and we will publish your response next to your customer’s feedback. This allows potential future customers to understand what might have gone wrong.
  • Should you not acknowledge the notification within 14 days, the feedback comment will be published and you lose your right to respond.


If you receive a complaint from a customer, the nature and severity of the issue determines how the situation is dealt with. Should the complaint be deemed of a serious nature, the consumer will be asked to complete a complaints form? Once the completed form is received by one of our experienced customer service staff, they will negotiate and arbitrate on behalf of both you and the customer to resolve any outstanding issues. Should the complaint be of a serious issue, your account may be suspended whilst the investigation is pending. In severe situations where the work is substandard and complaint not resolved, your account will be nullified. 

Is there a charge for joining, if so how much will it cost?

It doesn't cost a penny to sign up for a FREE trade membership, get your business listed on for FREE and create your business profile page today! Submit Your Details Here

You can apply to become an endorsed trade member, we will need to evaluate your suitability. It is imperative to us that we connect the best tradespeople with our users and so we analyse each business prior to acceptance. You are eligible to apply to become an endorsed trade member if you business:

* Has been trading for 6 months or more
* Can Provide, proof of trading address - (either a utility bill or credit card statement)
* Doesn't undertake door to door selling
* Doesn't have an active business County Court Judgment (CCJ) or one that is less than two years old
* To hold all qualifications required by law to carry out your work
* Hasn't unsuccessfully applied to join us within the past 6 months

To find out more about being an endorsed trade member of please contact us today and we will answer your enquire within one business day.