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Whether you are a tradesperson, service provider, sole trader or a large-scale business, you could be reaching new customers in your area generating additional business and revenue. is a platform connecting tradespeople with consumers and it's completely free to sign up as a free trade member, so what are you waiting for join for free today.

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You have everything to gain, simply sign up as a free trade member it takes less time than placing an advertisment elsewhere and will generate a lot more interest from consumers.  You may not have heard of us before but we are expanding throughout the uk, so this is a fantastic opportunity for you to get in on the action before your competitors do.

How does being a free trade member work

Whatever trade or line of business, whatever part of the country you are based in we can help you achieve more and reach new and retain old customers.

What do you get from joining as a free trade member:

  • Promote & advertise your business or service(s) 
  • Access potentially thousands of local customers daily
  • Build your brand with your free business profile page(s)
  • Market your strengths and stand out from competitors
  • Your business is Indexed on all major search engines
  • Link your website to us and boost your website rankings
  • Receive feedback from verify customers, building consumer trust & winning you more work

It's completely free so, you will never have to pay:

  • For customer or job leads, we don't sell job leads or customer information
  • Commission on any quoted or completed job

Get discovered & receive results

Accredited Traders has thousands of customers using the site every day to find local endorsed tradespeople. Accredited Traders is marketed through a range of media, from radio to online advertising – so customers will understand as an endorsed member you are among the best in the business.

Unlike other business directory sites, you can join Accredited Traders for FREE! Try us out, (Sign Up as a free trade member here) 

Endorsed trade member, what is it 

Accredited Traders endorsed trade member, is either a tradesperson, service provider, sole trader or a large-scale business who has been vetted & undertake our assessment on their business by an Accredited Traders assessment advisor, before being endorsed. 

Why should I become an endorsed member

Being an endorsed trade member gives you a competitive edge on free trade members, do you consider yourself or your business to be one of the best locally, let us help you grow your business, you could be benefiting from a range of features which will:

  • Increase the enquires you receive
  • Increase the jobs you quote on
  • Increase the jobs you win
  • Increase your profit
  • Build and protect your reputation

Find out more about the benefits and features of being an endorsed member contact us today.

How do I become an endorsed trade member

1. You can apply to become an endorsed trade member by contacting us here 

2. By invitation, we actively look for free trade members who have a strong track record of quality, service & workmanship.

What will it cost?

It doesn't cost you a penny to sign up as a FREE trade member, get your business listed on start creating your business profile page and attracting new customers today! Join Here